SSF2X – Yoga Book Translation – S. Chun-Li

Source: YSB 2017, Yoga Book Super
Translation: kienono

1- Super moves

Kikouken    Spinning Bird Kick (including air)

Hyakuretsu Kyaku

2- Contributors

Jenety        Wata        Zukki

3- Specificities

  • No hurt box at the tip of the jumping LK.
  • Invincible Spinning bird Kick when rising.
  • The far standing HP connects well into a combo with the Kikouken.
  • Can be played like the Dash version of Chun-li, without Kikouken.

4- Basic combos

  • Jump HP → HP → LK Hyakuretsu Kyaku
  • Jump HP → HP → HP Kikouken
  • Jump HP → MP → Crouching HK

5- Basic game plan

S. Chun-li doesn’t have the Senretsu Kyaku but she’s got a strong stepping back LP Kikouken, a strong neck breaker and a unique Spinning Bird Kick that knocks down on hit. She also proposes a variety of jumping attacks, especially with her jumping LK which has no hurtbox on the tip.

It is essential to understand the following 4 distances:

  1. Distance where you can hit with your jumping LK
  2. Distance where you can hit with the tip of you crouching MK
  3. Distance where you can prevent the opponent from jumping with a Spinning Bird Kick
  4. Distance where you can hit with the tip of the foot of a Spinning Bird Kick after evading a projectile with the invincible part of this Spinning Bird Kick.

Mastering the 4 distances above is essential to press efficiently your opponent. #2 is used to crush the opponent’s attacks or as a diversion. From this distance, you can also connect a throw, a Hyakuretsu Kyaku a crouching HK or a jump-in prediction of a projectile.

#3 is used to intercept your opponent in its jump with a Spinning Bird Kick but be careful of no using it at the wrong time since you’ll get seriously punished.

Since the close MK starts 3 frames slower than for X. Chun-li, use the close MP or one of the jumping K attacks (with really good hurtbox properties) for anti-air. This can also be used when you’ve cornered your opponent to one end of the stage, in order to prevent him from escaping. By combining this with triangle jumps, it’s possible to secure your position with relatively low risk.

Throwing LP Kikouken when stepping back is a strong barrier option.

Finally you dare to do so, you can also give up on using the Kikouken and use your character as the Dash version (you’ll still keep a strong knocking down Spinning Bird Kick).

6- Handling of bad match-ups

1- X. T. Hawk (3:7)

If your opponent is waiting for you to move, you won’t get you any good opportunities to deliver damages. Once you’ve let pass a jump-in from your opponent, you don’t have much way to escape, except waiting a mistake from your opponent. So take your distance, bait your opponent with some Kikoukens and catch his jump-in with a jumping LK or a standing MK. If you’ve kept your charge, a Spinning Bird Kick can also take a Condor Dive down. You can then follow with a neck breaker. When cornered, you might be tempted to try escaping with a Spinning Bird Kick, a Hyakuretsu Kyaku or a neck breaker but just wait for a mistake from your opponent. Generally, you’d want to fight a close range with S. Chun-li. Unfortunately, X. T Hawk is the opponent you cannot do so.

2- X. Claw (3:7)

If your opponent is in a waiting stance, you will be blocked by MP claws or Scarlet Terrors and won’t be able to cause much damage. However, you should restrain from moving too much forward. Long range Flying Barcelona can be taken down with jumping LK. Use Spinning Bird Kicks for Okizeme. However, if it doesn’t hit, you’re pretty sure to get punished with a HP. The jumping LK can be intercepted by a Scarlet Terror so you don’t even think of jumping attacks. If you’re low on HP and that your opponent is just waiting, step forward progressively with some Hyakuretsu Kyaku and close the distance. When you manage to get to a corner of the stage, aim for damages with throws, Hyakuretsu Kyaku, crouching MK and crouching HK.

7- Maniac facts

1- Combo

On a cornered Zangief, a Jump HP→ MP→ HP→ Kikouken 4-hit combo gets you a stun but a simple head-on LP→ HP→ Hyakuretsu Kyaku 3-hit combo gets you a stun as well. To be used on punition of a whiffed Shoryu for instance (difficult to land on confirm).

2- Spinning Bird Kick escape

Can be used against, among others, Hadouken (including Shinku), Kikouken, Sonic Boom, Air Slasher, Yoga Fire, Shouryuken, Zutsuki (and also Oni Musou), Psycho Crusher and Rolling Attack. However, the LK version is difficult due to the severe timing required.

3- Spinning Bird Kick counter attack

Can be used against, among others, Senpuu Kyaku, Spinning Bird Kick, Double Knee Press, Head Press (with a tight timing), Devil Reverse (tight timing as well), Hyakkan Otoshi, Hyakuretsu Harite, Rekkuu Kyaku, Neck Breaker, Hooligan, Accel Spin, Condor Dive, Double Rolling Sobat, Sky high Claw, Rolling Crystal Flash, Flying Barcelona and Izuna Drop.

4- Spinning Bird Kick vs Super Combo

The Spinning Bird kick can break the super combo of the following characters: Vega, Blanka, DeeJay, Chun-li, Bison (very tight timing). Super combos that cannot be countered with the Spinning Bird Kick: Dhalshim, Balrog, Ken, Fei-Long, Guile, Cammy, Sagat.