SSF2X – Yoga Book Translation – S. Ken

Source: YSB 2017, Yoga Book Super
Translation: kienono

1- Super moves

Hadouken    Shouryuken

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku    Air Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

2- Contributors


3- Specificities

  • Shouryuken totally invicible while rising.
  • Better hit-boxes than the X version.
  • The gap between Hadoukens (MP, HP) is small.

4- Basic combos

Jumping HP → HP → Shouryuken (LP)

Jumping HP → MP → Shouryuken (LP)

Crouching LK x2 → Cancelling into Shouryuken (LP)

5- Basic game plan

  • The main basic game plan is to use the benefit of the short recovery of the Hadouken with Shouryuken and lock out the opponent possibilities.
  • In closed distance situations, build up advantageous situations by using the HK sweep move (smaller hurtbox and fast move).
  • The LP Hadouken can be used similarly as Sonic Booms continuously shot by Guile.
  • The HP Shouryuken is effective against almost all Barcelona Attacks from Claw.
  • The Air Tatsumaki is, similarly to Ryu’s one, a 0 frame move which means that is starts with an active hitbox. It’s a particularly powerful tool for cross-ups.
  • Mix between the Air Tatsu and normal cross-up attacks to confuse the opponent.
  • When jumping in, if you think you could get caught by a lift uppercut (Guile) for instance, try a high HP cancelled into an Air Tatsu followed by a HK sweep. It will get you not far from stunning your opponent.

6- Handling of bad match-ups

X. Dhalsim (3:7)

  • Contrary to the X version, since you don’t have a knee throw (MK throw) that would allow you to lock the game, you’ll have to try countering the expanding kicks or punches with Shouryukens.
  • Once you’ve put your opponent down, try to land a combo after a crossup unblockable Air Tatsu setup.

7- Maniac facts


The Air Tatsumaki starts in 0 frame, which makes it unblockable half of the times. However, it doesn’t knock the opponent down on hit like S. Ryu.

Dragon dance

Since the Shouryuken is totally invincible while rising, throwing Shoryukens (LP) continuously is a particularly effective strategy.

Top spin

By inputting an Air Tatsumaki just after jumping, it’s possible to close the distance with the opponent and prepare a throw or a Shouryuken on landing. It can also used when moving (fleeing) backward.