SSF2X – Yoga Book Translation – S. Ryu

Source: YSB 2017, Yoga Book Super
Translation: kienono

1- Super moves

Hadouken    Fire Hadouken
Shouryuken    Tatsumaki Senpukyaku    Air Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

2- Contributors

Zukki-    Takechi-    Ta.TsumakiRYU    Mr.Ichigeki

3- Specificities

  • Shouryuken totally invicible while rising
  • Hadouken with a really short gap
  • Compared to the X version, the potential of comeback is lower due to the lack of super combo, overhead (forward MP) and solar plexus (forward HP).
  • Better hit-boxes than the X version.
  • The MK Tatsu has 2 rotations and the HK Tatsu has 3 (for each, one less than the X version)

4- Basic combos

Jumping HK → HP → Fire Hadouken

Jumping HK → crouching MP → crouching HK

Jumping K (H or M) → crouching MP x2 → Hadouken (HP)

5- Basic game plan

  • Controlling the opponent movement with Hadoukens and waiting for a jump in. When out of range of a Shoryuken, anti-air with normal moves. Jumping HK and neutral jumping HK are strong and air-to-air situations where you’re the only one to take damage are rare.
  • When using sweeping moves, mainly use the crouching HK (big hit box) and crouching MK (good range).
  • Take attention to not being read when using, of course, the HK but also the MK since you’ll get counter attacked. For a Ryu playing by taking damage little by little to the opponent, developing skills in the sweeping game is essential.
  • When jumping in, use the HK for damages, HP for the hit-box and the air-tatsu for its capacity to knock down.
  • When using the jumping HK, try to hit with the tip of the foot. Even if the attack doesn’t hit, it helps gain space.
  • Cross-ups are done with a jumping HK but depending on the opponent, it’s good to mix up with a jumping MK that must be guarded normally and to look for a 4 hits combo that could wrap the match up. The jumping HP is strong downward but it’s to be used as a replacement to the K when it cannot be used. Beware of being overconfident.
  • The hit-box of the air-tatsu is not that good but its capacity to knock down the opponent, to cross over and to create 50/50 guard situations makes it a good tool. However, when whiffed, it leaves you wide open and since it’s not a comeback tool, it’s better to mix it with jumping HK attacks.

6- Handling of bad match-ups

X. Dhalsim (3:7)

  • Don’t wait with Hadoukens
  • It’s difficult to jump in on Yoga Flame
  • You’re in a bad situation if your Tatsu gets short
  • It’s difficult to launch Hadoukens on reaction. Better damage could be obtained by buffering the input command of a Shouryuken and then launching it on reaction on stretching punches or kicks.
  • Sweeping moves are to be used against sliding kicks.
  • If you land a 3 hit combo on a Yoga Flame, you’ll take a good option on victory (maybe).

X. Claw (2:8)

  • Don’t wait with Hadoukens
  • Mind the difference in reach
  • Be careful with the Barcelona Loop
  • A first step toward victory is to be able to properly pull out reversal Shoryukens on wake up.
  • A victory pattern is to first knock the opponent down with a Shoryuken. Then after setting up a crossing Tatsumaki and whiffing it, start a combo with a jumping HK.

7- Maniac facts

1hit Shinkuu Hadouken

If you get hit by a Shinkuu Hadouken while at full extent of your Hadouken (arms fully extended), if the number of hits you received is odd, it’s possible to guard half-way. Of course, this is not valid when you’re at an end of the screen.

Tatsumaki side change

Since the S. Ryu Tatsumaki is shorter, if you follow it with a HK cancelled with a HK Tatsumaki, depending on the opponent’s character you might change side. Good tool for Okizemes.

Vertical HP

This move deals a good amount of stun and is easy to connect with a combo. A 3-hit combo with this move will get your opponent near the stun so definitely take to chance when you have it.

Option select

On wake up, if you don’t know if there is a cross-up or not, input 6236 and then a punch and a kick button at the same time. A Shouryuken or a Tatsumaki will come out and it will at least avoid an instant death.